Let me be clear, I’m always rollin’ with the Tide! However, there is one thing that the Michigan Wolverines football program does better than the University of Alabama Crimson Tide football team.


It’s true.

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The Go Blue head coach and former Michigan player, Jim Harbaugh must be proud. They are ranked #2 in the College Football poll. I was excited to see Michigan take down Ohio State.

My attachment to Michigan is two-fold. #1 - I don’t like Ohio State. #2 - My former boss in Charlotte, North Carolina; Doug James was a Michigan football player from 1980 to 1984. He always had the BEST football stories and was a great leader. So I was cheering for them.

What Does Michigan Do Better?

Are their colors better? Blue and Maize are really nice but I think Crimson and White stand out better.

Is the mascot better? No, Big Al reigns supreme.

Do they have snazzier uniforms? They are stylish but so is Alabama’s.

What they do better is …… MUSIC at their stadium!!!! They have DJ Skee “bringing the energy in the DJ booth throughout the game.”


Just check out this video. The tweet even proclaimed that an honorary game ball should be given to the DJ.

This video is insane. Look at the crowd response. WE NEED THIS at Bryant- Denny Stadium.

This is what the Alabama Crimson Tide football team needs.

This is what Bryant-Denny Stadium needs.

This is what the fans deserve.

I think a perfect person for the job is our very own Big Dawg DreDay. You might think I’m biased but trust me, I’ve worked with some of the top-notch DJs and DreDay makes the crowd move. His library is deep, his skills are crazy killer and he can read the crowd.

He was the DJ and host for my birthday party in December 2020 and people are still talking about it to this day. He did a Madonna set that set a total vibe.

DreDay can play to any type of crowd. I chatted with a listener who was at an event in 2019 at Government Plaza and they were talking about DreDay. From weddings, clubs, radio mixes, tailgating, concerts, and more. We need to add Bryant-Denny Stadium DJ to the list.

How do we make this happen? Email me at maryk@townsquaremedia.com tell me what to do.

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