It honestly seems like we have been in the longest ever hurricane season. Luckily for us, the season ends on November 30th. We have had so many storms in 2020; the National Hurricane Center had to turn to the Greek alphabet.

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We have been closely monitoring the tropical storm, Eta. The observation is to keep tabs on any potential impacts from Eta to Alabama and our coastline.

Currently, Eta is in the southern Gulf of Mexico and has made a northward drift. It has sustained winds of 60 mph. There are parts of South Florida that are flooded due to the heavy rainfall from Eta. There is a possibility that Eta could regain strength and develop into a hurricane.

The National Hurricane Center has Eta moving east of Apalachicola, Florida, as a weak tropical storm by Saturday.

This truly is a wait and see. In the next few days, we will see how Eta develops and tracks. We will keep you posted.

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