Whether you're planning a trip to Tuscaloosa for the weekend, coming to town to watch a game, or just trying to decide where you want to have dinner tonight, you've got to eat at these restaurants in T-Town.

There are so many awesome places to eat in Tuscaloosa and Northport that it's hard to keep track of them all. I've got a long list of places I need to check out and I am psyched to try them all, but I find myself going back to the same places because the food there is just THAT GOOD.

Narrowing my list down to just 25 restaurants was almost impossible. I wanted to include legendary spots like the OG Dreamland, The Waysider, and Rama Jama's while making room for newer places such as Southern Ale House, Side by Side Restaurant, or The Avenue Pub. I tried my best to feature LOCAL places, and while there are a few chain restaurants listed, those spots are all loved by us locals.

You can view the gallery above to see Tuscaloosa's best restaurants. Do you think I let out any places? Which spots would be on your list? Comment below, and feel free to send me any number of gift cards to your fave places. Let's eat!

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