We're well in to the first month of 2020, and I think that we could all use a little improvement in the new year, especially behind the wheel. Here are the 5 New Year's Resolutions every Tuscaloosa driver needs to make.

1. Learn how to use a turn signal.

Last I checked, turn signals were not optional add-ons in vehicles. We're talking standard equipment here, y'all. Are you about to turn? Use a turn signal. Are you changing lanes? Use a turn signal. I don't see what's so difficult about it.

2. Stop running red lights.

You'd think the addition of 783265892353982589 red light cameras around town would have made some of you slow your roll, but that is apparently not the case. I can't tell you how many times I have been thisclose to being t-boned by some idiot who chose to blatantly run a red light. Here's a handy guide: if the light is already red, your car should already be stopped.

3. Give me some space.

Tailgating me is NOT going to make me drive faster. If anything, your following me so closely that I can't see your headlights is going to make me drive slower just to tick you off.

4. Chill.

If you're trying to pass someone in the right lane of the construction zone on 20/59 while doing 95 in a 45, maybe--just maybe--you should chill out. You don't have to drive like a grandpa, but try to at least be considerate of other people. Like, don't make your obvious death wish MY problem.

5. Put down the damn phone.

It's 2020. Use Bluetooth.

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