The State of Alabama's annual Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday is next weekend. The approaching school year may still be impacted by the novel Coronavirus in ways we still yet don't know, but that doesn't mean that you can't take advantage of the opportunity to save while shopping July 17th through July 20th here in the Yellowhammer State.

Alabama's annual sales tax holiday gives parents a bit of a financial break when purchasing supplies for a new school year. Shoppers have the opportunity to buy certain school supplies, clothing, and computers without having to pay the state sales tax--and many local cities waive their tax, too, which means you can save up to 10%.

Before I share my list of the six surprising things you can buy tax-free this weekend, let me clarify one point: You don't have to be a student or parent to get the tax waived. For YEARS I thought you had to show proof of enrollment to skip on paying sales tax, but I was wrong. EVERYONE can save.

Did You Know You Can Buy THIS Tax-Free in Alabama July 17-19?

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