This isn't normal for church, that's for sure.

A regular Sunday service was turned into a memorable one this past Sunday. In Southhaven, Mississippi, Pastor Bartholomew Orr had a novel idea. After talking it over with church staff, and practicing his idea, the stage was set and it was time for the moment that has gotten the internet ablaze with reaction.

Commercial Appeal reports that Pastor Orr "flew" over the congregation. Yes you read that right he flew over his church attendees, sending the message of the Lord. Certainly a shock for many, some began filming the Pastor Orr's flight to the pulpit, where he continued his sermon. Videos of the moment are all over social media, and have brought both elation and criticism from many. Pastor Orr won't be doing the stunt again however, as Mrs. Orr has said he'll never do it again.

I'm surprised video got out to be honest, growing up I wasn't allowed to use any electronics during the service!

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