Alabama Adds Over 3,000 COVID Cases As A Result Of Old Data

Yes, you read correctly, the state of Alabama has added COVID cases. This is all due to old data from tests dating back to the summer.

According to AL.Com, Alabama added close to 4,000 COVID cases due to a big influx of backlogged data. This backlogged data dates back to June 2020.

When I first read this I was in shock. So many questions and thoughts came to mind. How could there be that many cases not accurately reported? Were they not accurately reported? Does this mean we can no longer trust these tests?

While looking at the ADPH's COVID risk indicator, I noticed Tuscaloosa, Bibb, and Shelby counties are all considered "High Risk." I didn't even know this! Pickens, Jefferson, and Lamar counties are all considered "Very High Risk."

I really hope we can do something to keep these numbers down. Wearing your masks, washing your hands, and practicing social distancing are all great places to start. It does seem like people in Alabama are growing tired of the restraints to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Bars are filling up more and more, gatherings or large groups are becoming more common. I've been seeing this a lot and felt the numbers were declining. Maybe they are, but with much of our listening area being high-risk or very high-risk areas, it makes me worry just a little bit.

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