Madeline Wise Facebook
Madeline Wise Facebook
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Madeline Wise and her family experienced something all of us pray never happens to our families.
Madeline and her husband have two small children.
Madeline Wise kids Facebook
Madeline Wise kids Facebook
I couldn't imagine what was going through their heads while all of this was happening.
Madeline Wise posted on Facebook about the family scare in the middle of the night.
"3:30 am and I hear a knocking sound on our BACK door.
There is no driveway back there. There is no way anyone could mistake it for our front door.
hooded criminal stalking in the shadows of a dark street alley

My husband and I sit straight up in bed.

We heard it again.
I bring our child to our room and they knock again.
As we get the guns out we heard the person knock on the front door.
My husband asks him through the door who was it. They said that their friend told them to come over to pick him up after work.
They were wearing a backpack and gray hat and wouldn’t look up at the window kept staring at the crack of the door and was wearing a blue jacket or hoodie.
They said oh my bad and got in their car and drove away.
Didn’t go to the neighbors looking for whoever friend this may be.
As though they just messed up the address or something. Just went down towards the round about in ashville on 231.
Just warning others idk who it was or if it was genuine.
But 3:30am is not the time to knock on our front door much less our back door."
Lots of people chimed in on the post. 
Philip Meade

Friend wanted picked up after work?
So the "friend" was supposed to be working at your house at 3am? Sounds like a crack head needing another fix and looking for a way to get it. Police should have been called when first knock was heard.

Oh my. Wow. Who gets out of a car at a home and then puts on a backpack? No one……except someone up to no good. They knocked thinking nobody was possibly home and most likely that backpack had breaking in tools in it

Madeline later had to respond
Madeline Wise

We weren’t sure what the knock was at first we thought the dog was scratching and her foot was hitting the hardwood. Then we thought our infant was hitting her crib or something then it dawned on us what it was and by the time I could get my kids into my room they were at the front.
I should’ve call at that moment we realized it was an actual person at our door

I think the family did a great job staying safe. We forget this was at 3:30 A.M. 
Please keep your family safe and aware!

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