Alabama – Florida State Line COVID-19 Checkpoint

I know many Alabama residents that travel to the Alabama and Florida beaches.  If you plan on traveling, be sure you understand that you should be prepared.  There has been a COVID-19 24-hour checkpoint set up on 1-10 at the Alabama-Florida state line. This has been issued by the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, issued by executive order.  According to WTSP, “DeSantis says nearby New Orleans, in particular, has a growing coronavirus problem and he wants to keep people in the Panhandle safe.”  The Florida Department of Transportation issued a statement that “motorists from areas with significant community spread required to isolate for 14 days upon entry.”  If you have plans on traveling to Florida, know that “each arriving traveler or responsible family member (if traveling as a family) will be required to complete a traveler form. The form requires key information, including each traveler’s contact information and trip details.”

(Source) For the full story from WTSP, click here.  For the statement from the Florida Department of Transportation, click here.

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