Alabama’s Social Distancing Ranking, You Might Be Surprised

The Maryland Transportation Institute at the University of Maryland is tracking how states are social distancing during the COVID-19.  It ranks states by a social distancing index, percent of people staying home, trips per person, percent of out of county trips, and miles traveled per person. How are they getting this information?  According to WRGB, they are “using privacy-protected data from cell phones along with information from the government and healthcare industry, researchers are giving a “social distancing index” score to every state and county in the U.S. Essentially, a score of zero represents no social distancing, 100 is perfect social distancing.”  I found it very interesting as I was checking their interactive COVID-19 Impact Analysis Platform, it showed that as of Monday, April 13th, that the District of Columbia was at 77 (at the top) and Alabama was at 41 (third from the bottom of states ranked).  This means Alabama is not doing such a great job at social distancing.  Help slow the spread of COVID-19 by practicing social distancing.  Let’s keep Tuscaloosa Strong!

(Source) For the full story from WRGB, click here.  For the COVID-19 Impact Analysis Platform from the University of Maryland, click here.

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