Here we go again. Another Auburn fan crying for attention since they can't win any championships.

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At least that's what I could hear plenty of Alabama fans saying about what this Auburn fan decided to do.

At a recent Alabama game in the SEC Baseball Tournament, a fan was approached by a woman with the SEC network. The man could be seen wearing the colors and gear from the University of Tennessee.

The only thing is, he says he's an Auburn fan.

I came across a video on Twitter that has already racked up over 100,000 views. In the video, the anchorwoman for the SEC Network can be seen speaking with the Auburn fan. He's sitting in between a group of Alabama fans.

At some point in the video, you can see how the people around him were a little embarrassed by him.

When asked why he's dressed in support of Tennessee as an auburn fan, he replied, I just hate Alabama."

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A reply to the tweet stated that the man is from Tuscaloosa and is a supporter of Auburn basketball and football programs.

Could you imagine an Auburn fan going that far just based on the hate they have for Alabama? It must really suck to have nothing more to look forward to with your team than to just hate on another one.

It's like every day, I become more and more thankful that I'm an Alabama fan.

How would you rate this Auburn fan's trolling attempt?

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