Beer for dogs is certainly something I would have not thought of.

And yet, this idea has become a reality thanks to company named "Good Boy Dog Beer." But the most pressing question you might have is how this did this come about? Steve and Megan Long, the founders of the the company, discovered one day that their pup was have trouble keeping food down. Megan searched and searched for some type of cure for her pooch, but nothing turned up. Eventually, they came up with a home remedy.

USA Today reports that finally she figured it out one day. Doggie beer! Well, it's not actually beer though. It more-so a healthy beverage for dogs everywhere. The non-alcoholic drink is very healthy for dogs. They have 3 flavors, with a fourth one incoming as well! The couple started the company last year, and since it began, the drinks are being sold in various establishments.

Now will they figure out Cat beer, that is the real question!

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