So, I was browsing through my Facebook over the weekend, and my "On This Day" notification alerted me that it was EXACTLY one year ago that I had recorded myself jamming along to the classic Doobie Brothers hit, "Long Train Running". This is a tune I've always loved, and it always brings back fond memories for me during my Little League Days.

As you may or may not know , every Saturday Night before I go on the air for my "Saturday Nite Regrind Show", I usually treat my Facebook Friends to a "Pre-Show Ritual Ritual Jam". I've been doing this every Saturday Evening for the last year and a half. To date, I've recorded over 70 videos thus far. That's probably around 10 Albums worth of material! It's sounds like a lot of work, but for me it's simply having fun :-)

People always ask me which video out of all the ones I've recorded is my favorite. I honestly can't answer that question. However, this video has to be one of my faves. Simply because I LOVE this tune!

So without further adieu, here I am covering The Doobie Brothers "Long Train Running".

Enjoy & Yeah Baby!



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