Not too long ago, Mashed highlighted some of the top-notch steakhouses across America. I felt really bougie knowing that I have visited some of those steakhouses during my travels. However, I was thrilled to see that a steakhouse from Alabama made the list. So it immediately went on my restaurant bucket list.

When it comes to food, my boss is the ultimate plug. You name the city and he can give you the perfect spot to dine. He has never let me down, from Orlando to DC, to Dallas to L.A., and small cities too.

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When it comes to steak, my Dad had a golden rule. If it’s good, you need steak sauce. If it’s great, you don’t need a drip of anything. Just the steak, so that’s how I judge steaks.

Well, this past Saturday, the opportunity presented itself to check out one of Alabama’s best steakhouses. I figured being a self-proclaimed foodie it was only right that I take pictures, savor every bite, and bring you another edition of Bite This!

The Alabama steakhouse heaven is Big Mike’s in Moundville. I met my boss and wife for dinner and to cheer on the Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Tennessee. We all know the outcome of the game and all I have to say is ROLL TIDE!

Upon entering Big Mike’s, I was greeted with smiles and even a homecoming queen! I got a hometown vibe instantly, as I walked around looking for the others, the staff and patrons were friendly, smiling, and saying hello. I love that!!!!!! Our waitress Shelby was really sweet and nice.

Now, you can have a nice atmosphere but what about the FOOD!!!!!????!!!!

To start we had an appetizer of crab claws and then we all had a salad, 2 of us got a baked potato and the other a sweet potato, and 16-ounce Ribeye.


Everything was plated nicely and simple. It arrived to us fresh and the aroma was a true indication that we might be in for a nice treat.

Taste & Texture:

Crab Claws:

Mary K, Townsquare Media
Mary K, Townsquare Media

These were fried to perfection and meaty. A nice squeeze of lemon hit the spot. I think this is a pretty popular item because we originally wanted a pound but all we could get was a ½ pound and that ended up being a perfect amount for 3 people. But, I mean we could have tackled a pound as well.


Mary K, Townsquare Media
Mary K, Townsquare Medi

The salad is what I would call a basic side salad. It was crisp and fresh.

Baked Potato:

It is amazing how many restaurants get a basic potato wrong. Nothing is worse than getting a potato that you have to fight with to get the butter and sour cream mixed in. Not at Big Mike’s, it was baked where it was easy to get your potato all fixed up.

16 Ounce Ribeye:

Mary K, Townsquare Media | Canva
Mary K, Townsquare Media | Canva

I think this is a work of art. Now, I’ve been to some big-time steakhouses (not to brag) but this might just be the best steak I’ve ever had.

I ordered my ribeye medium and I’m not kidding, the first bite was flavorful and tender but meaty. Like it was saying “this is a R I B E Y E.” 

Mary K, Townsquare Media
Mary K, Townsquare Media

According to Big Mike’s menu notes, it said that the “marbling in our 16oz. 1855 Angus Beef Ribeye makes this our most flavorful steak.”

Using my Dad’s rating method; it didn’t need ANY steak sauce. It was perfect. I wish my Dad was alive, I would have him front and center for a meal here.


As far as steakhouses go, I know I’ve paid much more for a steak that wasn’t as good, so I feel that pricing at Big Mike’s is fair. Also, I couldn’t finish my steak. The next day, I made steak and eggs and it was PHENOMENAL.


This is most definitely Bite This! approved. Next time, I want to try either the catch of the day or the chophouse steak and the chuck wagon cheese fries are calling my name.

Click here to find out more about Big Mike’s Steakhouse.

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