Fall is officially here.  It's time for cooler weather hot chocolate and pumpkin patches! Where's the best pumpkin patch in the city?

Coming from Florida, going to pumpkin patches and enjoying the fall weather wasn't something I was accustomed to. It wasn't until I moved to Alabama that I really got a chance to see leaves change colors, feel cooler fall weather, and experience a real pumpkin patch.

My wife and I decided to take our newborn son to the Griffin Farms Pumpin Patch years ago and It was such an amazing time.

After a great experience at Griffin Farms, we're looking to not only go back but try out more pumpkin patches around Tuscaloosa. The only question I have is what are the best places to try?

Where is that perfect pumpkin patch that you and your family enjoy going to year after year? Maybe they sell a great cup of hot chocolate, cider, or even pumpkin spice-flavored items.

Below is a list of the best-recommended pumpkin patches near Tuscaloosa. Since COVID and other circumstances, this pumpkin patch list is different than previous years'.  If you notice one of your favorites isn't on the list, feel free to send me your suggestions through our app chat feature.

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Best Pumpkin Patches Near Tuscaloosa 2022

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