Alabama junior wide receiver Slade Bolden is ready to make the most of his opportunity. Bolden was thrust into action this past weekend for the Crimson Tide after Jaylen Waddle was injured on the first play of the game against Tennessee.

Bolden performed well in Knoxville, hauling in 6 receptions for 94 yards to help the Alabama offense continue to perform at a high level. Bolden has received limited action over the last few seasons leaving some fans potentially unfamiliar with his skill set.

“The best way I can describe my game is, you know, I’m not going to be the fastest guy on the field but I feel like I got a lot of heart, a lot of determination. I’m going to be able to get open and make plays and I’ll catch the ball if it’s around me," said Bolden when describing his game.

Bolden is a first one in, last one out kind of guy. He's a hard working gym rat, a real grinder and a true student of the game. Bolden loves to put in extra work and developed a great relationship with quarterback Mac Jones by helping him keep his arm loose.

Bolden uses his deceptive athleticism and high football IQ to get open in opposing defensive backfields. The former high school quarterback brings his blue collar mentality to practice each and every day and always focuses on the little things to improve.

While he is not Jaylen Waddle, the Alabama offense should not suffer by having to rely on Bolden to fill Waddle's vacancy.

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