Weather Update for Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Yesterday was undoubtedly cold and a tad bit windy.  This morning some of our areas woke up to temperatures in the mid-’30s.  Today you can expect mostly cloudy skies that will be gradually becoming sunny along with calm winds.  There will be a slight warming trend as the high today will be near 53.  Tonight, the low will be near 35 with calm winds and mostly clear skies.  At the time of this post, the first chance for rain will be on Friday with no risk of severe weather and should taper off by the evening time.

I have family and friends that live or have traveled in the swath of the winter storm Ezekiel that is currently impacting travel, schools, employment, and life.  The Weather Channel reports that “Tens of thousands without power,” “The Governor of New York declared a state of emergency,” “As of Monday evening, more than 700 domestic flights were canceled and 4,200 were delayed,” “Schools closed in Boston today,” and more.  I have some friends that were stuck in New York for a few extra days because their flights were canceled.  If you are traveling today, be sure to check ahead of arriving at the airport.  Even though we do not have conditions locally that impact travel, your flights could be delayed due to the winter storm Ezekiel.

Just thinking of the snow makes me shiver. - @MaryKRadio


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