It was reported that a young man was shot and killed by Hoover police following an altercation at the Riverchase Galleria Thursday night.  More details in this incident have emerged, and they don't look good!

Apparently, the police responded to the call of a shooting at the mall.  The shooting is said to have stemmed from an altercation.  An 18-year-old man and a 12-year-old girl are said to have been shot.

According to witnesses on the scene, 21-year-old Emantic Bradford, the man killed by Hoover officers, was not the shooter.  However, responding officers saw his gun and opened fire. For video footage from witnesses, click here.

Upon investigation of the incident, the Hoover Police Department admits it's likely that the man shot and killed by police was not the shooter of the first victims.  HOWEVER, rather than state that a mistake was made, the department says that they believe there were more than two individuals involved in the initial altercation and that at least one gunman is "still" at large.

(Personally, I have an issue with the wording of this release.  It would indicate that this man was also a shooter, just not the one that shot the first two victims.)

Whatever the reason for the shooting, another mother now has to bury a man who didn't have to die.  It's time to stop the violence... In the streets and by law enforcement.

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