Now this is just crazy!

A document recently surfaced in the Alabama School System that showed some surprising things, mainly with playground games that young students play. Remember playing such favorites as Kickball or Musical Chairs? Well now, those classics might be in jeopardy.

Newsweek reports that letter in question called out those playground activities, calling them "inappropriate." But it wasn't just Kickball and Musical Chairs, other were called out as well. Duck, Duck, Goose was mentioned for being a game where kids simply yelled at each other while playing. And Tag was put under the microscope claiming the same kids got tagged out first every time.

Other games are mentioned such as Simon Says and Red Rover. However this document has been called into question, and was subsequently removed after it was posted online. So for now, these games will continue to be played, unless the document is proved to be legitimate.

Banning Tag? What in the world? Dodgeball maybe, but still. Kids will kids!


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