Driving With No License Plate In Tuscaloosa? 

I'm originally from Florida so I might be the odd man out on this one. Am I the only one that notices people driving around West Alabama with no license plate?

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Ok so I have to admit, I’m still getting used to certain things in Alabama. This no plate thing on your car is new to me. This is something that would not fly back home in Orlando.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been driving around Tuscaloosa and I see cars with no license plate just cruising down the street. It would be something if it were just on little side streets but no, I see it all the time on main roads. All down Skyland, Highway 69, on McFarland, and even University Blv. I have so many questions!
How is this acceptable? Can you not get pulled over for this? Why are people not being pulled over for not having a tag on their car?
The funny thing is that my wife first pointed it out when we first moved here. Every time we got in the car she'd point out a vehicle without a tag on it.  I'd make excuses for it, "Maybe they just got the care or misplaced the tag." It's been over a year and I've seen it multiple times within the same day.
I've even asked my Instagram followers why this is so common and I have yet to get a solid answer. Does anyone in Alabama have a valid reason for this? Please let me know if I'm reading too much into this situation but it's driving me nuts!


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