Wow, Owen Wilson says “Wow!” a lot.

Obviously we all know he says it; it’s part of any Owen Wilson impression, and it’s sory of his unspoken trademark at this point. But I guess I didn’t realize just how often he punctuates his dialogue with wows until I saw them all laid out one after another after another in the video essay above. Wow, it’s a lot.

The total is just over 100, through a career that is 20 years and counting. Over that time, according to IMDb, Wilson has appeared in 69 films and television shows. That works out to about 1.5 “Wow!”s per movie. And if you watch the supercut you can see most of his films, both good and bad, are represented in there. Dude doesn’t take many days off from “Wow!” Do you think his screenwriters know to add the “Wow!”s for him? Or do they leave them out knowing any time the spirit moves him, he’ll toss one or nine in on his own?

And speaking of the bad movies, the work that must have gone into researching this is alarming. Imaging having to not only sit through some of these movies (The Big Year?!?) but needing to actually hang on every single word that comes out of Owen Wilson’s mouth so you don’t miss a single “Wow!” Just tremendous effort, here. Great work everyone. Awesome. Wow.

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