It seems that all the crazy crap happens down in Florida. Well this time, it's definitely true! A Florida substitute has been accused of spreading human feces on the picnic tables and grills of a neighborhood park where a former boss was hosting a birthday party for her child later that morning.

Sarasota County Sheriff’s Police say that Heather Carpenter, 42, reportedly went to Sarasota County’s Urfer Park, and allegedly spread feces on the park’s tables and grills in its pavilion. Allison Foster, (Carpenter's boss and Principal at Phillippi Shores School), was scheduled to host a birthday party at the park for her daughter that day.

According to police reports, Carpenter was spotted by a witness at the park at around 6:30 a.m. wearing blue gloves and a blue mask, and spreading feces on the tables and grills. Even though Carpenter is pleading "not guilty" to the charges, she did tell deputies that she “intentionally placed human waste and fecal matter on the tables at Urfer Park with the intent of disrupting the birthday party planned by Foster.” 

What's even more ironic is that Carpenter's own child had received an invitation to come to the party!

Carpenter was charged with a third-degree felony of damaging property and criminal mischief.

The reason she did it? She says it was because she was dissatisfied at how Foster had handled a "professional matter" between them.

So, let me get this straight, she's unhappy with a handling of a "professional matter" so she decides to spread "fecal matter" to express her displeasure......Boy, how professional.

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