On January 10th, the Alabama Crimson Tide will play the Georgia Bulldogs in a rematch of the 2021 SEC Championship game. This time, it’s for all the marbles. The winner will be crowned College Football National Champions.

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It’s obvious Georgia fans need every bit of advantage they can muster up, including trying to silence one of the biggest rock songs ever created. A Georgia radio station has officially banned Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Sweet Home Alabama.’

Do they really think this will work?! Are teams really this desperate to beat the Tide that they’d ban one of the biggest rock songs in history?

Atlanta’s classic rock station 97.1 The River made the announcement on social media with the caption, “From now through Monday’s College Football National Championship, 97.1 The River will refrain from subjecting Bulldog Fans to ‘Sweet Home Alabama’. GO DAWGS!”





Ok so outside of being loyal to the Crimson Tide, I have to admit, this is pretty hilarious!

As a competitor and fan, even when you know you’re going to lose the game, you still have to do all you can to try and get the W. It seems like that’s what happening with Georgia fans.

The comments on the post are pretty funny as well.

“Does this mean people in Alabama won't listen to rock bands from Athens Georgia this weekend? I'm guessing they're fighting back by not listening to Drive By Truckers this weekend.”

Another comment on the station’s Instagram page came from a Bulldog fan and is perhaps the most real thing I’ve ever read.

“No reason to be mad or angry about Alabama.” Said one Georgia fan.

“I say this as a fellow Bulldog fan so hold your attacks. It’s just being realistic that no team will just let you win. You have to earn it. You beat Alabama and then you get the monkey off your back. Let’s go dogs.”

The fact that they are banning this song until after the game will make it that much sweeter after we win. I’ll be sure to play ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ as loud as I can while Face timing every Georgia fan I know after the game.


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