Guns N' Roses have launched a new website to tease a major announcement for this Friday (May 4) that appears to be related to their 1987 full-length debut, Appetite for Destruction. The music that's playing on the site is a snippet of a rarity called "Shadow of Your Love."

UPDATE: Amazon or somebody affiliated with them appears to have jumped the gun a little bit. A listing on the popular e-commerce site offers a pre-order of a four-CD "Super Deluxe Special Edition" of Appetite for Destruction for $179.78, with a release date of June 29. Journalist and podcast host Mitch Lafon has also tweeted out an image of a venue marquee displaying an advertisement for a "Locked N' Loaded" edition of Appetite, which promises the release of "the debut album, remastered and expanded" on the same date. To be clear, nobody from or connected to the band has confirmed the legitimacy of this listing or advertisement.

To hear the clip of "Shadow of Your Love," go to GNR.FM, click the button that says "Tune In" and wait for a few seconds of static to pass. Just before the song fades out, Axl Rose sings "Took my chances carelessly," which corresponds to the lyric page for it on Genius.

Written by Rose and friend Paul Tobias, "Shadow of Your Love" stems from Axl's pre-Guns N' Roses band, Hollywood Rose, and they even made a video of it, whcih we've embedded below. The song made its way to the new band, with drummer Steven Adler recalling that it kicked off their first rehearsal.

Watch the Video for Hollywood Rose's "Shadow of Your Love"

“It was magic from the first day,” he said. “The first song we played in rehearsal was ‘Shadow of Your Love,’ and Axl showed up late. We were playing the song, and right in the middle of the song Axl showed up and he grabbed the microphone and was running up and down the walls screaming. I thought, ‘This is the greatest thing ever.’ We knew right then what we had.”

Although it didn't make the cut for Appetite or G N' R Lies, it twice appeared as a b-side, first on the 12" picture disc for "It's So Easy" and then for "Live and Let Die."

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