I love Christmas lights, but this might be too much in terms of trying to stop them.

In Old Bridge, New Jersey, the Apruzzis have become well-known for their light show. For the past 15 years, they've hosted a free light show with over 300,000 lights! And to top off this awesome holiday tradition, the family accepts donations for Homes for Our Troops. Certainly a holiday moment that deserves to keep going.

However, things may have hit a snag. WPIX-TV reports Town officials, in an effort to curb traffic around the area have ordered the family to pay...wait for it...50,000 dollars to run the show this year! The bill includes busing people to the attraction, and police to watch for any funny business. Obviously the family doesn't plan to do this, and still is planning to start the show on schedule. Even neighbors have weighed in, saying that even though it gets busy, they have no problems with the show.

Time will tell, but come on! It shouldn't be $50,000 to run a local light show!

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