You have to be a little smarter than this!

In Hollywood, Florida it was a normal day. Two unnamed teenagers were walking around the area. Like most, they were bored and decided to try and find a way to entertain themselves. However their choice of entertainment was different from most. They decided to alleviate their boredom by breaking into a bank!

Well karma came around and while the teens messed around inside the bank vault, one of them got locked in it! With reporting from WPLG-TV, While one half of the pairing was inside the vault, the other began to just press random buttons in front of him. Suddenly the door closed and one teen was stuck inside the vault. With no other options, the teen outside the vault had to call authorities to get his friend removed safely from the vault.

Eventually the teen was freed, but now punishments are looming for the two. Let this be a lesson, be smart, and don't break into a bank!

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