Heat-Related Weather Terminology You Should Know

Being a weather forecaster is an exciting role.  However, I believe weather safety is the most crucial part of our jobs.  Keeping the public informed and safe during various weather events is my top priority.  Summertime is lovely, but it also brings along the dangers and impacts of the heat.  I encourage you to be mindful of heat terminology, heat-related illnesses, and safety tips.  I once suffered heat exhaustion, and it was a pretty scary ordeal.  Heat can cause serious health risks.  Therefore, knowing the heat-related weather terminology can keep you and your family safe.  Typically people don’t realize how temperature can affect persons of all ages and how dangerous it can be.  Remember, my rule of thumb for any weather situation a “watch” truly means to be on watch, to get prepared, and to be weather aware.  A “warning” means it is expected or occurring, execute the plans you have in place, and to take action.  So please be mindful of the heat this summer.  - @MaryKRadio

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Heat-Related Weather Terminology

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