Science Used To Explain The Importance Of Wearing Masks

The COVID-19 pandemic is still occurring and if you are like me, you are over it all.  However, I am still wearing my face coverings while in public, I try my best to practice social distancing, frequently washing my hands, sanitizing common work spaces, disinfecting my home as much as possible, making smart decisions, and still trying my best to enjoy summer.  Listen, my yearly summer trip to visit family and friends in Florida is on hold.  This really saddens me because I really want to see my family but until we can meet up again, it is video chats, zoom family calls, phone conversations, and text messages.

There are so many heated debates going on amidst the coronavirus pandemic concerning wearing masks and the return to school.  These are both very important conversations to be had because it involves the safety of our community.  Most pressing for me is the mask debate.  Yesterday, I was watching Gayle King interview Bill Nye the Science Guy.  You might remember him from the PBS show Bill Nye the Science Guy and from the Netflix show Bill Nye Saves the World.  I love science, so I follow him and was excited to see him on CBS This Morning with Gayle King.  In this video from the YouTube page for CBS This Morning, “Scientist Bill Nye is urging everyone to wear a mask in the fight to stop the coronavirus. He says it is "literally a matter of life and death." Nye joins "CBS This Morning" to give a live demonstration of why masks work.”  So if you are on the fence about the importance of wearing a mask, this video might give you some clarity on why it is important.

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