A true heartwarming tale this holiday season.

It was a normal morning in Sumner, Washington. A homeless man, Kevin Booth was looking for a bite to eat. Luckily for him, there was a food bank nearby so he walked to the building. When he arrived, he spotted a paper brown bag sitting out front. He originally was looking for bread, but his curiosity led him to look into the bag.

When he looked inside, he discovered money. A lot of money. 17,000 dollars in fact! So what did Kevin do? Since it was early in the morning, he waited until the food bank opened, and gave the bag of money to a volunteer. The Washington Post reports he thought the money was for the food bank, and immediately handed the cash over. When the food bank discovered the cash inside, they got the attention of the authorities, and an investigation was launched. Eventually the money was given to the food bank, and Booth, for his honesty, was awarded with a citizen's citation for his honesty.

Way to go Kevin! It's always a great reminder that there is good in this world.

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