A Northport City Councilman will make a presentation Monday evening to argue the merits of bringing a family water park to the city.

Councilman Jeff Hogg co-chairs Northport's retail development committee and has spent the lion's share of his first term in office focusing on bringing new restaurants and businesses to the city.

Last month, Hogg took to social media to ask constituents if they believed a water park would do well in Northport, and the response was overwhelming. Almost 400 people commented on the post, most of which were in favor of the idea, and more than 2,000 have joined an event page asking the council to consider the idea.

Hogg said the idea is still in its infancy, but Northport Mayor Donna Aaron and some council members have said the cost of such a project should be shouldered by someone in the private sector, not the city.

Hogg is asking anyone who would like to see the city actively work to bring a water park to Northport to attend the Monday meeting, which will begin at 5:30 p.m. after a 5 o'clock pre-meeting.

The freshman councilman said he has done research and will be presenting his findings to the mayor, council and the public at the meeting, and will address all of the amenities for which people have asked and respond to the concerns of people that say the effort would be futile.

"Everyone that wants to see this idea explored needs to show up and voice their concern to the Mayor and Council," Hogg said. "Without clear public support, this project will not happen."

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