Well, it came.

The verdict heard around the world.

I watched from a busy shopping center in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

I want to know how Tuscaloosa and West Alabama folks feel about the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict.

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I haven't seen this in a while, you know, a trial that captivates everyone it seems.

This had everyone looking at tv screens around lunchtime on Friday.

I am so tired of the extreme lack of perspective in the world today. Come on, do you really believe that a 17 year old boy from the middle of America was salivating because he wanted to kill some people?

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By the way miss, how is Kyle a racist killer? He is white and the three that were shot were white males. Please explain.


I don't buy it.

Would a more experienced, older, individual been able to calm the situation a bit better? Maybe so.

All of the extreme lies that came with ZERO evidence:

"Rittenhouse is a white supremacist" 

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"Rittenhouse is a member of the Kenosha KKK"

"Rittenhouse beats up elderly ladies for fun"

"Rittenhouse hobbies include puppy kicking and kitty punting"


Just all lies from the word go. Then that prosecutor in the case.

You really thought it would be a good idea to point a rifle at the jury members one by one?

Oh my, that was brilliant. Jury members were really upset by that with some of them even squirming in their seats as the gun was pointing at them.

A year and a half ago, several Alabama cities experienced unrest during the Black Lives Matters protests around the country.

We called Tuscaloosa mayor Walt Maddox and asked if authorities were taking any extra precautions this weekend.

Maddox told us "No, we don't expect unrest and we don't have any special procedures in place yet we absolutely are monitoring the situation closely this weekend". What more can you ask of your city leaders? Not much.

A few protests have happened around the country this weekend but fortunately no reports of violence or looting.

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That's a great thing.

However, this case in Georgia is being watched very closely as well. Let's keep praying for peace.

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