I worry about people these days, especially when incidents happen like this.

Outside a Wal-Mart in Midlothian, Virginia, a car pulled up to the front entrance. A normal occurrence, until suddenly a woman got out of the trunk and ran away. Quickly, the two men in the car got out, grabbed the woman, and put her back into the trunk. The car then quickly drove off, leaving many witnesses believing that they just saw someone would had been abducted. Police quickly got involved, and a search begun for the female.

However, The Chesterfield Observer is now reporting that this entire fiasco was nothing more than a joke. The three involved knew each other and plotted this whole ruse, in an attempt to get internet attention. The only reason authorities know this is because the "abducted" female went in with one of the "abductors" and exposed the whole plan.

Currently there are no charges for the group, but that could change.

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