Quarantine Chronicles: Divorce Rates Are On The Rise

As more and more people are spending time in quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, we can feel the stress level rise.  Now, there are has been a surge in divorce rates.  According to Page Six, “Divorce filings are skyrocketing from quarantine-weary and financially stressed couples, according to top matrimonial attorneys, who are experiencing a 50 percent rise in inquiries from potential clients.”  I get it; if things were already on edge, this could potentially put things into overdrive.  Let’s face it; we are all having issues of some sort concerning the COVID-19 outbreak.  According to CNBC, “Ayesha Vardag, founder of divorce lawyers Vardags, said she expected the firm’s “phones to go quiet” when the coronavirus crisis hit, against a backdrop of economic uncertainty and a fear of taking big steps in wild and scary times.  However, she said that her firm had seen a rise in inquiries from couples “who just feel they cannot bear another day with the person they no longer love and are starting, confined together 24/7, even to hate.”

Please take time for self-care during this unsettling time.  I have even noticed myself being a tad bit more on edge, being overly sensitive, and more mentally exhausted.  Now granted, I am self-quarantining before and after work solo, so I answer to myself.  I do find that disconnecting for a little bit helps me, watching funny movies, and meditation takes me off the ledge.  Need any more advice - feel free to reach me on Facebook at @MaryKRadio

(Source) to review the full article from Page Six, click here.  For the full article from CNBC, click here.  

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