Since moving to Tuscaloosa a little over two years ago, I've been trying to find that thing that makes me love living in Alabama, specifically the South.

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I don't know if I found the thing I've loved quite yet but I've definitely found some things that I like.

I like how family-oriented people are in the south. Not that we didn't care about family back home in Florida, but it's just something about being in the south where people value family a lot more.

I can say that I love everything about the University of Alabama game day experience. It's cool to see how excited people get about it, how everyone is riding around row yelling "Roll Tide!" And how beautiful Bryant-Denny Stadium is during those night games. The atmosphere is unbelievable.

Now that I think about it, the thing I love about living in the South may shock some, especially if you're not from a southern state.

I love the food in the gas stations.

Back home in Florida, it's not that we didn't have food and gas stations but it was nothing like the south. Here, you find all kinds of fried chicken, pork chop fish fries, and other foods inside gas stations and they taste amazing.

I remember back home there was a whole vegan restaurant inside of a gas station and people were shocked. Some couldn't believe it was real. That's just how uncommon it is in Orlando.

If you're wondering, the food was AMAZING.

I can completely see more people coming down south and getting hooked on the food at the gas stations.

Here's a question for Alabama natives. Which gas station in West Alabama, or the south has the best food???

Is it a truck stop? Is it a small locally owned gas station with some amazing chicken and biscuits? Let me know at


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