Aren't weddings supposed to be one of the best moments of your life?

Well for Harriet Butler, it was the complete opposite. The morning of her big day, as reported by The Daily Record, she found out something that caused her to make a huge decision. Her future husband, Kevin Rogers, did not pay the venue for where the ceremony was set to be held. Harriet then decided to call off the nuptials. But now what would Harriet do? She was ready to be married, and she was now single once again.

Well, surprisingly, she decided to throw a party!

Yes, that's right, she decided to celebrate. She put on her wedding dress, her bridesmaids got dressed as well, and they enjoyed the day. Butler even invited the photographer, and they all took photos.

As for the broken hearted Mr. Rogers, he says that he believed he could still pay for the venue, but didn't want to cause undue stress to his future bride. Well, unfortunately, there's nothing he can do now.

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