If there's one thing I've learned about Alabama is that there's some good fishing across the state.

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Recently, there's been some scary sights I've come across when it comes to fish that have really made me nervous about eating wild-caught fish.

Don't get me wrong, I'd prefer to eat wild-caught fish over farm-raised fish any day but I just found out about worms in fish.  Did you know that it's common for fish to contain worms?

Not to be gross, but it's a real common occurrence that I didn't know about.

Joey Antonelli, Youtube
Joey Antonelli, Youtube

The video of the fisherman removing the worms makes it seem like he's encountered worms in fish before.

Aside from worms, people may be nervous about eating fish that's a little discolored. According to this Facebook post, the off-colored fish is safe to eat.

A Facebook post made by Southcentral Region Fisheries Management described a condition found in fish called xanthophylls.

The post featured a caption saying,

"These two filets came from 2 largemouth bass caught in the same location. The difference in appearance is caused by a pigments known as xanthophylls. These pigments can give fish flesh a yellow color, the higher the concentration or pigments the more yellow. Both are perfectly safe to eat!"



The post went on to say that typically, it's a result of the food the fish consumes. It could be plants or other fish.

Have you ever encountered a fish in Alabama that was weirdly colored like the bass pictured above?

Now you know it's safe to eat, thanks to this post who Southcentral Region Fisheries Management says originated from Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries.

Click here to see the full post from Southcentral Region Fisheries Management.


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