Federal and local police were in a four-hour standoff with an armed man in Fosters, Ala. Tuesday morning with more than 40 police units on the scene, according to witness reports.

Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Deputy Jason Powell said US Marshals from South Carolina were in Tuscaloosa County to serve a warrant but the man they were here to arrest refused to comply and opened fire on them from a home on Sand Road in Fosters.

No one was injured, but the suspect barricaded himself in the home, where he reportedly fired several more shots at Marshals and TCSO deputies.

"We have a joint operation going on with Tuscaloosa Police, Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office, tactical teams from those agencies, state troopers, and the marshals," Powell said. "We also have Tuscaloosa Fire, volunteer firefighters from Fosters and Romulus and we have North Star down here as well in case anything does happen."

Around 11:30 Monday morning, the man was taken to DCH Regional Medical Center for treatment of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, ending the standoff.

His condition was not immediately clear.

This story will be updated as more information is available.

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