Taking A Flight Soon?  Tips From Pandemic Frequent Flyer

Just call me Ms. Wipe Me Down because even before COVID-19, I was a "wiping everything down type of gal." Even with being super excessive about it now, I still couldn't imagine taking a flight during this pandemic, but people are doing it.  [Not judging, I just can't do it, I'm nervous like that] However, some people can't get out of flying due to their employment.  I found a CEO that has flown 33 times during the coronavirus pandemic, and he has shared some valuable information with us all.  CNBC shared with us that "Mika Manninen has been on the road for approximately 75% of 2020.  As the CEO and co-founder of dairy-free yogurt brand Hälsa Foods, the Finnish native who now resides in Palm Beach, Florida, has taken 33 flights (including four abroad) and spent 160 nights in hotels.”

What is his secret to his safe journeys! It's pretty extensive, but reading over his tips brought me great joy because I employ some of his tips at home and in my workspaces.  I totally felt Mr. Manninen when he told CNBC that he, "did not realize how many surfaces I actually touch until I started paying attention to it." That’s how I exactly feel as well.  You just don’t realize it!

Here are his top five tips from his interview with CNBC

  1. Multiple layers of latex gloves.  That way, you can peel them off as you go.  He takes a layer off after check-in . . . after he goes through TSA . . . and after he touches anything high-contact, like escalator handrails.
  1. Get a paper ticket.  Don't scan your phone at check-in.  You might contaminate it and get the virus on your hands.  So a paper ticket is better.
  1. Bring lots of disposable masks.  He changes his mask every four hours, and tries not to touch it at all when it's on his face.
  1. Don't go to the food court.  He never gets food.  And if he needs a drink, he wipes down the bottle.  He also tries to find a corner to sit in with as few people as possible.
  1. Look for non-crowded bathrooms.  You might have to walk to another part of the terminal.  He also changes his mask after, and never uses bathrooms ON the plane.

(Source) For more from CNBC, click here. 


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