I really enjoy living in Tuscaloosa. There are some amazing parts of Tuscaloosa, and the city is growing at a rapid pace.

There is a shopping center that I pass nearly every day. It has grown in what it has to offer our area in a short time frame. It’s right off of Skyland Boulevard and HWY 69. This area has Planet Fitness, Ollies, Royal Furniture, and Ashley Home Furniture. This shopping center also houses great restaurants like Walk On’s and Slim Chickens. Across the way are Chick-fil-a and Milos. This location is poppin’.

This spot is great during the day. But at night, it’s a different story.

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I wonder if it is just me. This has to be the worse eyesore ever to hit Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I can’t be the only one this truly aggravates. Have you seen this?

Honestly, every night when I pass by, I expect the Big Dawg DreDay to be out there on the turntables with a lit foam party taking place. Looking at this almost makes me nauseous at times. It’s almost as if it needs a warning for strobe lights.

People park their cars on that side of the parking lot. I’m sure it has to be a hassle to have that flashing light at every step.

I can’t be the only one that has noticed this heinous flashing light. It has gone on for far too long. Now how in the heck do we get this eyesore fixed?

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