Good news for parents: The Children's Closet Consignment Sale is coming back to T-Town! The sale is going down April 20 through April 27, 2018 at a new location, 5500 Old Montgomery Highway, one block down from the former K-Mart store in Tuscaloosa.

I can't wait for this year's sale. I would say that a solid 85% of my five-year-old's wardrobe comes from The Children's Closet sales. The selection is always amazing, and the prices are sooooo cheap! I'm not using hyperbole when I tell y'all that I have purchased an entire season's worth of clothes (like 10 dresses and at least 10 different top and short/pants combos) for about $60. I'm a ride-or-die fan of The Chidren's Closet.

You can get more info on the sale by checking out their official Facebook page HERE.

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