The Largest Pumpkins I've Ever Seen Are In Northport

Fall is officially here! Many people are looking for places to buy pumpkins and I've found the largest pumpkins I've ever seen in Northport!

I can admit, I've never been a fall fanatic. Maybe it's because I've always lived in Florida and we never actually got to see the leaves change nor the weather. It was summer year-round! Now that I'm living in Alabama, I plan on trying out this whole fall thing and see how it goes.

One thing we did in Florida in the fall was carve pumpkins. It didn't really require cool weather to do this one. My wife absolutely loves carving pumpkins. I took a trip over to one of my favorite places in Northport and was pleasantly surprised.

P & P Produce not only had pumpkins but they were definitely the largest pumpkins I've ever seen in my life! It wasn't just one pumpkin, but boxes and boxes of large pumpkins perfect for carving or making any fall dish.

If you're into fall decorations, P & P produce has exactly what you need. Truckloads of hay, corn stalks, mums, and all types of pumpkins! It's everything you need to transform your yard, porch, or front door into the perfect fall scene.

I love visiting P & P Produce for my fresh fruits and veggies. Now that I plan on having my first fall, I have another reason to stop by. They always update their Facebook page when they get new deliveries of produce and other items. Check them out for yourself!

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