My ears perk up when anyone talks about fried chicken. In the south, fried chicken is a religion. It is either really good or really bad. You can’t have just mediocre fried chicken.

I’ll admit I’m not very good at frying chicken. It just never comes out like my Aunt Judy’s little pieces of heaven. Her chicken will make you sing church hymns while eating. I just remember a big brown paper bag being involved in her creation.

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Now fried fish, that’s my jam! A guy a dated back in the early 2000s still calls and talks about my fried fish and yells "Seafood Bash." Like that’s the only thing he remembers about our time together. (rolls eyes)

Well, my buddy Steve Shannon over at 95.3 The Bear recently asked who has the best fried chicken in Alabama? He listed some great spots that I can vouch for having delicious chicken. Also, there are some spots on the list I need to pay a visit to vouch for this research. (road trip time).

However, Steve and I are caught in a bit of a quandary. He gave my FAVORITE place for fried chicken an honorable mention. SMH (shaking my head). Our friendship is on the line over this piece of information.

THE fried chicken at Publix tastes like the Virgin Mary came down from heaven and touched the hem of the pant leg of whoever fries the chicken. And Steve gave it an honorable mention. That is shameful. I feel like Steve and I need to take a trip to Publix together, so I can school him. Steve, when are we going?

Let me know where you get the best friend chicken. Send me an email at

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