Mayor Walt Maddox is mad.

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It should make everyone in Tuscaloosa mad.

Especially when it's so repetitive.

Again and again, the SAME offenders are commiting violent acts and after getting bailed out, they do it again.

If I hear another story about someone already on bail for a violent offense, killing someone, I'm gonna lose it.

If another shooting happens at Hay Court apartment complex, well, you get it.

This saga will go on and on until someone in power has the intestinal fortitude to end it.

I like the idea that T-town resident Deborah Minor has set in motion.

Deborah is a concerned citizen that organized a rally for this weekend in Tuscaloosa.

At least she is trying to do something.

I don't know if it will truly have an impact.

NOTHING will until the people in power step up.

This morning, Mayor Walt Maddox appeared on the Steve & DC Show (WFFN-FM 95.3 THE BEAR) to update progress made on Saban Center and address the issue of gun violence in Tuscaloosa.

Hear his comments below:

Tuscaloosa, Alabama isn't supposed to be this way.

Folks in the south in towns like this are supposed to be better than that.

What's next? I just saw a documentary on San Francisco, and what used to be an amazing town to visit and vacation in is a wreck.

Drug needles everywhere.

I just do not wanna this area fall apart to that degree and not be a great city to raise a family in.

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