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According to rent.com, these are the best, or cheapest cities to live in throughout the state of Alabama. You might be surprised where some cities rank and it could influence future moves.


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Oh yeah. That's right. My town. My peeps. WOO WOO! Ok, ok, enough celebrating. I live in Northport, and have lived here before in the 80's/90's. The average 1 bedroom price is: $816. The rent change over the last year, is only up 4.6%. Not bad at all when you consider everything Northport has to offer.


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How about that. The city of champions looks pretty good on this list of cheapest cities in Alabama. The University Of Alabama, the parks, entertainment, dining and so much more for an average 1 bedroom price of $764 with an average rent change DOWN 1.8%..



Mickey Bernal


Most famous, some would argue, for the music scene. Incredible recording studios here have hosted legends like Aretha Franklin, The Rolling Stones, The Allman Brothers, Rod Stewart and Lynyrd Skynyrd. The average 1 bedroom price is $650. The average rent change in the past year is 0.0%.



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Plenty of history in our capital city and a 1 bedroom, on average, for $614. The average rent change in the past year? UP 2.6%


AND NOW...The NO.1 cheapest city to reside in within Alabama?


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That's right. Fairfield, Alabama. Only a few miles from Birmingham, Alabama is the community of Fairfield. The average 1 bedroom price? $583 with an average rent change in the past year UP 1.3%. Obviously, with it being so close to Tuscaloosa and Birmingham you have plenty to do in this city. Most important is the fact that you will not find any cheaper places in Alabama, if that's something that impacts your living situation.

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