How far will people sink to steal things?

Well, for one man in Florida, putting the item somewhere nobody would want to touch was his idea. The unnamed man entered a local Wal-Mart, and proceeded to the electronics section. According to the Northwest Florida Daily News, that's when the man became somewhat nervous, and begun to look around to see he was alone in the section. Eventually, he made his move and grabbed a game and...stuck it down his pants.

Yes, the customer was attempting to steal a game this way. He then went to the check-out line, got a drink from one of the coolers and proceeded to the register. He then claimed that he forgot his wallet and then walked out to his car. But thanks to security cameras, he was immediately apprehended, and quickly confessed.

The man also admitted he was "doing something stupid" when he chose to try and steal the game. The begs the question...why even steal in the first place???

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