This Alabama Gem Will Take Your Breath Away

I recently visited this place in Birmingham with my family and had a great time. Today is #PauseTheWorldDay and this Alabama gem is the perfect place to pause the world.

I've been taking more trips around the state of Alabama. With us finding out that our son loves to be outside, we thought it would be perfect to take a trip to the botanical gardens in Birmingham. As we pulled in, we had no idea how beautiful the gardens would be. It was something about it that made you stop and appreciate the Earth, life, and all of life's blessings. It is the perfect place to pause the world and just be. Best of all, admission was completely free!


September 21st is known as Pause The World Day. If you've been feeling stressed out, or need a break, this day is just for you. You're feeling the stress of trying to complete your college classes in the midst of COVID-19, or you're going through the struggles of distance learning with your kids, this day is especially for you! Take a moment, and relax. Go for a walk, take a moment alone, and enjoy a cup of tea. You could even sit in silence and just write out all of the thoughts that pass through your mind. There are plenty of ways to enjoy #PauseTheWorldDay.

While visiting the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, I stopped to think about how blessed I am to have a family. There was a time when we thought we couldn't have kids. Then we were pregnant and had a miscarriage. After that miscarriage, we were pregnant again and ended up having our first child who we took to the gardens. Being outside in nature with my family was a beautiful way to not only pause the world but appreciate life's blessings.

No matter how busy your day may be, take a few moments to yourself and pause the world. If you'd like to visit the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, visit their website to learn more about them. 

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