While I hope I never have to go through divorce, this definitely a big way to celebrate.

In Texas, Kimberly Santleben-Stiteler's marriage recently had come to an end. After 14 years, she was single again. But since she felt free, she decided that it was time for a celebration! Specially, one involving the dress she wore on that faithful day. But what was she going to do with dress? Simply throw it away? Nope. much more grandiose than that!

According to The New York Post, the newly single Kimberly decided to well...blow up the dress. Yes, blow it up. With 20 pounds of Tannerite. She even threw a party, where the explosion was the main attraction. The resulting implosion was even felt almost 15 miles away from the party! Talk about going out with bang.

Props to the creativity!

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