You always hear about random acts of kindness. It’s when someone does something kind for someone else for no reason. Have you ever experienced it? I never have until yesterday.  

I will be honest it made me feel so special. This gesture has been on my mind since it happened. It made me think about if I make people feel special. Do I?   

 Yesterday, I took my car for an oil change at Tuscaloosa Toyota. DreDay from 105.1 The Block was there to pick me up, so I wouldn’t have to wait. He also took me back when it was ready. I got out of the car and realized I left my mask on my desk. While I threw my head back in a temporary pity party, I said, “I don’t have my mask; I forgot to grab it.” I guess I said it loud enough where a woman dropping off her car heard me.   

A stranger said, “Hey ... don’t worry. (Pulling out a brand new mask in its package) I have an extra mask.” I even asked, are you sure, (thinking in my head masks are a top priority). The woman was like, here you go.   

And this mask wasn’t a regular mask; it was an N95 mask. I was floored that a complete stranger just gave me this high-quality mask.  I went and paid for my services, I found her outside, and I thanked her again (from six feet away).  

I’ve never experienced a random act of kindness, ever. It was a special feeling. Also, it’s been on my mind since it happened.  

The second week in February is Random Acts of Kindness week. The Good Therapy blog gives us more insight into the term random act of  kindness. It “is generally attributed to Anne Herbert, who wrote, “Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty” on a restaurant placemat.” 

I encourage you to think of ways to be kind to others. It doesn’t have to be a tangible item. It can be a smile, a note, a simple gesture. I find myself asking, am I kind enough?  

(Source) For more from the Good Therapy Blog, click here.  

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