I'll be first to admit that things in the technological world sometimes just don't like me. Whether it be computers or phones, if it can break, it probably will. But recently, another appliance has decided to turn against me.

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It is none other than something helps us keep our clothes clean: the washing machine.

So a while back, my washing machine had a strange burning smell after washes. It wasn't normal to say the least. So being not smart with how to fix a washer, I did what any normal person would do: call a repairman.

Thankfully, it was simple fix. The repairman went on his way, and I continued to wash my clothes.

Until recently.

The burning smell is once again back and I'm so confused as to why we're back at square one.

It's been a short while since the problem was fixed and now its back. And I couldn't be more upset. The repairman even said the last time I did the right thing by stopping the washer and not using it until it was fixed.

So was there more going with the washer then I initially thought? Or is there another problem here that wasn't seen in the first place?

It's just so annoying that this problem is back after being under control for a short while. So is it time to finally get a new washer? I certainly hope not because a new washer isn't a cheap investment.

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