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Lori Linn from Hair Etc shared a moment of awwww story with us guaranteed to warm your heart.

"This big sweet chocolate Labrador is Duke! He is around 9 years old. We have had him for 7 years after someone found him hungry and slightly injured. The person tried for a month to find who he belonged to, but couldn't. He eventually began looking for a home for him. We were lucky that we were picked to be Dukes FURever family. He has been a joy! He is sweet and lovable, smart and cuddly. He loves to play ball and will chase a stick as long as you let him. He walks some sweet kids that live in our cul de sac to the bus stop each morning. His bestie is our cat, Juicy. They sleep together and where you see one, you will usually see the other. Some of our neighbors co-parent with us, feeding him treats, and their children adore him. He will bark his head off and seems scary, but he is absolutely the sweetest. He is starting to slow down with age, which is a reminder that I wish he would live forever. And I wish he could talk, wondering what he would say.  The kindness of the FedEx guy this morning taking a minute to talk to Duke and give him a treat made my heart so happy. Duke has truly been loved as soon as he was found. And we have been fortunate to have been able to experience his kind of dog love. "


This big sweet chocolate Labrador is Duke!

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